5 Different Types Of Health States You Need to Know

This is a very important question, and I think everyone should keep this question in mind and search for an answer. However, the truth is that we only ask about health when we have a serious problem. The World Health Organization gives an official definition of health. Health was defined in its broader sense in 1946 as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Keeping in mind that it was given in 1946, it’s not a bad definition. However, the times have changed quite a lot and the things have evolved since then, so we have to consider two new aspects of health in today’s world. These are spiritual health and emotional health. If we see the bigger pictures, we will realize that every aspect of health has influence on other aspects, like if a person is facing emotional problems, it will lead to mental problems, spiritual problems, social problems and physical problems too. So it is quite important to solve the problem as soon as it arises, even if we don’t think that emotional problems are important. In the first phase an emotional problem might be solved by simply talking to a friend, but if the problem keeps developing, professional help might be needed. After this particular example, I think you would like to know more about every aspect of health, so let’s see what these aspects mean and how one can improve them.


Physical health: 

When I think about physical health, the first thing which comes to mind is babies. They are a perfect example because they have so much energy and they are very active, until they fall asleep. If adults start doing the same, I am sure they would have a much better physical health. Physical health may be defined as the state of the body in which all the organs are functioning well at all times. In order for this to happen, we should give necessary nutrients to our body, exercise and take a rest. It sounds quite simple, but it really is not more complicated than this.

Mental health:

The inventor Thomas Alva Edison is a great example of this; he tried and failed about a thousand times in order to invent the light bulb. This required some serious dedication and mental strength. As he was mentally strong enough, he did not give up until he succeeded. Mental health is that state of well being which allows one to reach his or her full potential and contribute to the community. It might sound strange to you, but actually helping other people is the greatest thing which one can do to remain healthy and happy, so to improve your mental health you should start helping other people around you. You will feel great.

Emotional health:

For a moment, imagine a child opening Christmas presents on a Christmas evening, that’s a great example of good emotional health, because happiness and gratitude are the best emotions for us. I think that emotional health means feeling good, being grateful, feeling happy and not being afraid of sharing these emotions with the people in our society. One can do mental and physical exercises of his liking, in order to improve his or her emotional health. For example, if you like to play football and chess, please play often.

Social health:

The ability to make friends is the best indicator of social health. It is a very important aspect of health, because human beings are social animals and it is proven scientifically that in case someone is suffering from some disease and their loved ones are with them, they recover much faster than if they were alone. You can keep this important tip in mind to improve your social health “it’s nice to be important, but it’s not important to be nice”.

Spiritual health:

From my perspective, the most important aspect of health is spiritual health, because it has a great influence on other aspects of our health and it is often neglected. It is important to take care of our soul, just like we take care of our physical selves and the ideal way to do this is through meditation. In case you are not familiar with the meaning of meditation or you don’t know you can do it, no need to be afraid. It is much easier than what many people think, in fact, one doesn’t have to do much, just stay silent and still. If you can remain still and silent for 15 minutes every day and slowly increase this time to an hour a day, it will have a big influence on the spiritual health and on overall health as well.

By now I am sure that the question: What is health? Is no longer a difficult one for you.

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